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More Documents

The Vatican II bishops issued four constitutions, nine decrees, and three declarations. The four constitutions are considered the foundation works of the Council. They are joined in the sidebar by three declarations now, the ones on relations with non-Christian religions, … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 98-99: Active Solidarity

We think of military alliances, traditionally. But the truth is that international cooperation in those listed categories is quite strong in places. 98. Since relationships between States must be regulated in accordance with the principles of truth and justice, States … Continue reading

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Narthex Panorama

This is from the last 7pm Mass of the semester, about fifteen minutes after Mass. It’s nice to be back from exile, mainly because people have more reason for the post-liturgical buzz. You get the baptismal font, the Story Wall, … Continue reading

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A Bishop Backs The Bus

David Gibson reports at RNS: The nuns are back on the bus, this time riding for immigration reform. My story is here, but just as interesting is that they seem to be drawing support from their erstwhile antagonists, the bishops. … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes Up

Six down, ten to go. Introducing the newlyt organized page for Ad Gentes. Over the years, Neil and I have contributed a handful of essays on many of the Vatican II documents. But not on Ad Gentes, at least none that … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 97: A Cautionary Note

Does this cautionary note ring true, do you think? Read it: 97. It is worth noting, however, that these minority groups, in reaction, perhaps, to the enforced hardships of their present situation, or to historical circumstances, frequently tend to magnify … Continue reading

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A Few Space Things

Another Carnival of Space, the 303rd, is up. They linked my post on planets from last week. I’ve been keeping up with the Astronomy Picture of the Day. I hope you have that site bookmarked for a daily read. I’ve … Continue reading

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