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Two More Weeks

June 21st will be the start of another run on freedom. It will be the start of the Fortnight For Freedom, 2013 edition. During the Fortnight, our liturgical calendar celebrates a series of great martyrs who remained faithful in the … Continue reading

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Letter From Newtown

My archdiocese sent out a letter from Msgr Robert Weiss, the Catholic pastor of Newtown, Connecticut. I’m sure there are readers out there who assisted in some material or spiritual way in the aftermath of that horrific day. If so, … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 30: Reciprocity of Rights and Duties Between Persons

A short post today, but important, in which each of us is compelled to honor and respect the rights of others that we may crave, desire, or promote for ourselves: 30. Once this is admitted, it follows that in human … Continue reading

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