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Reconciliation Lectionary: Revelation 20:11-15

One of the apocalyptic narratives from Revelation holds a dire warning for those not be named in the book of life. Here’s the text in full: Next I saw a large white throne and the one who was sitting on … Continue reading

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Liberal? Looks Like Narcissism To Me

I saw this piece on Father Roberto Francisco Daniel (Padre Beto) posted at UCA News. The original is from Yahoo News. This caught my attention: In one of the recent videos he posted on YouTube.com and his own Website, the … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 31-33: Mutual Collaboration

If one person’s rights become another’s duty to defend, it follows that human mutuality extends from family members and friends to neighbors and acquaintances, and beyond: 31. SinceĀ (human beings) are social by nature, they must live together and consult each … Continue reading

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