Pacem In Terris 39-40: Workers

Today in Pacem in Terris:

39. There are three things which characterize our modern age.

These three concerns emerging fifty years ago, and which still affect us today: workers, women, and the end of colonialization of the Third World.

Many politically-minded people are loathe to share political power with workers. Fifty years ago, it was enough to throw out the epithet, “Red” to claim an upper hand in the discussion. But given the amassing of power in the West’s neo-aristocracy and in the realm of celebrity (which, with few exceptions, are more the tools of the one percent) I’d say the plight of workers worldwide is very much unsettled today. The socialists of Europe gave it little more than lip service, given the witness of Lech Walesa.

We get ahead of ourselves. Pope John’s brief assessment of workers in 1963:

40. In the first place we notice a progressive improvement in the economic and social condition of (workers). They began by claiming their rights principally in the economic and social spheres, and then proceeded to lay claim to their political rights as well. Finally, they have turned their attention to acquiring the more cultural benefits of society.

Today, therefore, (workers) all over the world are loud in their demands that they shall in no circumstances be subjected to arbitrary treatment, as though devoid of intelligence and freedom. They insist on being treated as human beings, with a share in every sector of human society: in the socio-economic sphere, in government, and in the realm of learning and culture.

Thoughts on this?

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