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The Next Good Bishop

Who was the last good bishop appointed in the United States? And some people are asking, more importantly, who will be the next good bishop? Frequent commenter and friend Jimmy Mac has been peppering me with emails and links the … Continue reading

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Paschal Candle Details

There is a long tradition in my parish of decorating a “blank” paschal candle. A parishioner used to make them each year, but she has “retired” from that duty. The past few years, I’ve ordered a plain candle from a … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Shadows of the Heart

Evelyn and James Whitehead have written a slew of books touching on ministry, theology, and psychology. I found this mid-90’s volume, subtitled “A Spirituality of the Painful Emotions” on the bookshelf in my parish’s library. It tackles some very difficult … Continue reading

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FBV 31

In today’s Twilling Twenty-Seven matchup, one verse from each of the categories. For the Gospel entry, not Jesus’ words, but that of the “good” thief: Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom. And Saint Paul about Jesus: He … Continue reading

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The Thirteen Percent Effect

Nate Silver analyzes the special election for the South Carolina seat in the US House. He says the result was quite predictable. The former governor’s sex scandal gave his opponent a 13-point swing in the voting. Not enough to win, … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 42-43: Social and Political Evolution

Pope John notes the dying gasps of political colonialism. Unfortunately, many Third World persons, especially outside their aristocracies, are still in thrall to the world’s corporations. 42. Finally, we are confronted in this modern age with a form of society … Continue reading

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