The Thirteen Percent Effect

Nate Silver analyzes the special election for the South Carolina seat in the US House.

He says the result was quite predictable. The former governor’s sex scandal gave his opponent a 13-point swing in the voting. Not enough to win, of course, in a strong GOP locale. This is consistent with a study on US Senate elections from 1974 to 2008.

I wonder how Catholic bishops caught up in cover-up scandals would fare–not in terms of electability of course, but simple assessment on how they’re doing their job.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to The Thirteen Percent Effect

  1. John McGrath says:

    The scandals are just a symptom of a deeper problem: immature moral reasoning. Who educated these people so badly?

  2. John McGrath says:

    Adapted From Religion News Roundup Blog, May 8, 2013

    At U Maryland The Dalai Lama advocated for a secular ethics class for schoolchildren everywhere.

    He noted that scientists, philosophers and educators are already working on such a program. … where he lives, “secular means respect all religions and also respect nonbeliever.”

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