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A New Dictatorship

Pope Benedict’s “Dictatorship of Relativism” always struck me as a soft adversary. Relativism, as I understand the broad sense of it, is often used as an excuse by some people who otherwise have good intentions. Even the deeply religious Catholic. … Continue reading

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Invoking the Trinity for Someone

I have a quick bicycle commute to the parish from home. It takes me about eight minutes in the morning, as it’s largely downhill. Then I sweat a bit on the 11-minute return leg. My legs feel good after a … Continue reading

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FBV 37

The Numinous Nine are set. Over the next three days, we’ll get a chance to whittle nine Scripture verses into a final Trinity. The pairings include Saturday’s: 1 Cor 13:13/Ps 46:11a/Mt 11:28 and tomorrow’s Jn 1:1/Lk 24:32b/Gal 3:28 Today’s trio … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 60-61: Upholding Rights and Duties of Individuals

Pope Pius XII supplies today’s thought, that a government that ignores or violates personal rights and duties has abrogated its authority: 60. It is generally accepted today that the common good is best safeguarded when personal rights and duties are … Continue reading

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Retirement Bad?

Is retirement really bad, or is this a gentle┬ánudge by our Corporate Masters to convince us that grinding away to our graves is a personally healthy thing? You’ll notice it’s on the BBC Business page. Not in the health and … Continue reading

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