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Posting here might be a bit lighter over the summer. But I will be putting more work into other features here.

Many years ago, we examined the Vatican II documents in section-by-section detail. Neil or I also added the occasional essay touching on these documents. Eagle-eyes among you will notice “Lumen Gentium” is a new page, both on the sidebar and crowding out the header at the top. Little by little, I’ll be posting outlines of all fifteen documents on separate pages.

Readers will be able to navigate easily to the pages as they are published. You will be able to scan the outlines of the chapter headings given in the official documents. Each page will identify each post with a brief phrase to give you an idea of the content. Any reader may feel free to search for something interesting, then reignite the discussion. Or read through the document in an organized fashion, rather than clicking on the topic to the right and plowing through pages of 15-posts in reverse post order.

I’ve been noting that the 2006 transition to WordPress seems to have mangled some of the formatting. I didn’t change anything in Lumen Gentium yet. But I think I’ll go back and tidy things up on those posts eventually. I’ll work on Sacrosanctum Concilium next, editing and cleaning as I go. Over the next few months, we’ll have fifteen spiffy new pages for each of the documents, plus 619 Vatican II posts cleaned up for easier reading.

I hope to have another feature in place by summer’s end. I know PrayTell is featuring a section-by-section analysis of Sacrosanctum Concilium by Michael Joncas these days. I hope you’ve been following that. I’ll embellish the pages with links to that and to other discussions. So if you know of some sites, or perhaps you have analysis on your own site, I’ll link here and we can expand the discussion across blog borders.

If any reader would like to contact me about writing new essays on the Vatican II documents, let me know. I do hope Neil will return to offer new material someday. But some of you have an open invitation (and you know who you are) to write up something here. As we roll through the golden jubilee of Vatican II, it’s very worthwhile to maintain discussion on that essential council and its documents.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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