And Then There Were Three

Dei Verbum now joins the constitutions on the Church and liturgy as documents with open pages on this site. Check the header above and the side bar to the right. Every post of those three documents has been cleaned up, edited lightly, and linked in outline order on those pages. Have a few links here, too:

As I was plowing through these pages, I noticed sometimes comments were ample, other times almost non-existent. At first I was thinking of totally revamping some posts, but then my eye caught Neil’s three “extra” posts on Dei Verbum. I really liked those special essays he added.¬†Something occurred to me. Rather than revisit the same footsteps from six to seven years ago, I would do better to pick up Neil’s approach and pen thematic essays on Vatican II topics.

As I continue editing and organizing hundreds of Vatican II posts, I hope to jot down a few important themes for future appearances. If there’s anything you readers would like to explore, feel free to email me a suggestion or two. Or write up something yourself and send it in. Guest blogging is something of which I would like to see more.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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