Pacem In Terris 90: Propaganda

Moral standards in speaking of another person apply as well to nations:

90. Truth further demands an attitude of unruffled impartiality in the use of the many aids to the promotion and spread of mutual understanding between nations which modern scientific progress has made available. This does not mean that people should be prevented from drawing particular attention to the virtues of their own way of life, but it does mean the utter rejection of ways of disseminating information which violate the principles of truth and justice, and injure the reputation of another nation. (Cf. Pius XII’s broadcast message, Christmas 1940, AAS 33 (1941) 5-14)

Demonizing international adversaries: papal disapproval since 1940. At least. Painting other nations as very bad is very dangerous territory, and even recently, has come back to harm the US in terms of international standing, loss of life and quality of life, and a loss of some credibility from all quarters.


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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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