ArchNY Providing, But Under Protest

So the Archdiocese of New York, since late last century, has bought into a health insurance system that provides for contraception and “voluntary” pregnancy termination. Post and discussion at dotCommonweal here.

Archbishop Dolan has tempered his rhetoric as of late. I’m inclined to give the bishops a pass on this one. Though I’d still like to see them put their heads together with the KC’s and offer something they might have done two decades ago: affordable health insurance detached from employment. The whole health insurance hyperventilation is indirectly due to the profiteering system of health care and its insurance. We have a situation that is latched to the minimal, if any, options provided by the employer.

Joseph Zwilling, from ArchNY, is unhappy:

We provide the services under protest.

Well enough. I accept my meager options given to me by the Church under frowny-faced protest as well. Those options reduced our family’s bill from two major 2012 surgeries from five figures to four, and I managed to pay off my share of the bill in fifteen months. But the consequences contributed to sending us into personal bankruptcy. Some might counsel me to be grateful for my wife’s health (and I am) and the lack of debtors’ prisons (under protest, I suppose). But there has to be a better way than to live paycheck to paycheck because of it. I don’t begrudge some bishops not going to jail over stuff other prelates will just protest. Live and let live, literally.

It’s one of the reasons why, when the beltway band of bishops–Chaput, Lori, and Wuerl–gear up for F4F2, I’ll be happy to offer an alternative to the festivities here. Two more weeks of worthy women, I have seven in the queue already. Still taking suggestions. And willing authors. Let me know.


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