Pacem In Terris 101-102: The Proper Balance Between Population, Land and Capital

Agriculture and other resources: the problem with international conflicts is that imbalances are not handled well. Planet Earth currently produces enough food to feed every living human being. Where we fail is in the distribution.

101. As everyone is well aware, there are some countries where there is an imbalance between the amount of arable land and the number of inhabitants; others where there is an imbalance between the richness of the resources and the instruments of agriculture available. It is imperative, therefore, that nations enter into collaboration with each other, and facilitate the circulation of goods, capital and manpower. (Cf. John XIII’s encyclical letter Mater et Magistra, AAS 53 (1961) 439)

102. We advocate in such cases the policy of bringing the work to the workers, wherever possible, rather than bringing workers to the scene of the work. In this way many people will be afforded an opportunity of increasing their resources without being exposed to the painful necessity of uprooting themselves from their own homes, settling in a strange environment, and forming new social contacts.

Bringing work to workers is more possible today than ever before. The problem is that the management class in labor is rather hidebound to the possibilities.

The other challenge is that when corporations bring work to workers that a strong degree of exploitation is possible. Even likely in many circumstances.

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