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Familiarity breeds, as they say. In a recent post on another blog, the topic squeezed in: are some liturgical songs sung too often? I say yes. The question that’s of more interest to me is why. When non-musician lay Catholics are … Continue reading

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Membership is for Serving and Giving

RNS posted a brief interview with Dr Thom Rainer, Baptist minister and author. His latest book is I Am A Church Member. One of the money quotes from the interview is this: My research shows that most church members do … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 103-104: The Problem of Political Refugees

Pope John calls out political powers (one hesitates to call it leadership) who have oppressed people to the point of making migration from home a necessity: 103. The deep feelings of paternal love for all (hu)mankind which God has implanted … Continue reading

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