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This month’s VIRTUS training material reviewed the clever, demonic, and crushing role of silence in the crisis of sex abuse and its cover-up. Especially striking was this description of grooming: I have heard perpetrators euphemistically refer to the “relationship” they … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and Others on Tobit

Liam noted this link to Pope Francis preaching on Tobit, which is embedded in the daily Roman Lectionary these days. From the Holy Father: Two just people who live dramatic situations. The first is blinded despite his performing good works, … Continue reading

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Ecclesia de Eucharistia 3

John Paul II presents the Eucharist as “the sacrament of the paschal mystery.” It’s a New Testament-based idea, the connection of Christ’s Passion with the sacramental life, the inclusion of the Old Testament notions of sacrifice and priesthood: 3. The … Continue reading

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Call A Council For The Cover-Up?

I noticed this news piece first in CathNews Australia yesterday. I wasn’t going to blog about it. RNS linked to this Yahoo! News piece, citing a proposal from Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, who headed up the Church’s response team Down Under. The … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 112-113: Need for Disarmament

Few listen, but three popes have said it: 112. Hence justice, right reason, and the recognition of (human) dignity cry out insistently for a cessation to the arms race. The stock-piles of armaments which have been built up in various countries … Continue reading

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