Pacem In Terris 120: In Liberty

A brief section today on a nation’s freedom from oppression by other nations:

120. Furthermore, relations between States must be regulated by the principle of freedom. This means that no country has the right to take any action that would constitute an unjust oppression of other countries, or an unwarranted interference in their affairs. On the contrary, all should help to develop in others an increasing awareness of their duties, an adventurous and enterprising spirit, and the resolution to take the initiative for their own advancement in every field of endeavor.

Yes: what are a nation’s duties? To advance at the expense of others? To focus on the needs of their own people and their own opportunities for advancement? The world is a smaller place, as they say. The opportunities for geographical expansion are gone. Looks like it’s time for the harder work of discerning new horizons, perhaps of the mind and heart, and sweeping forward from there.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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