Pacem In Terris 130-131: Relationship With The World Community

Today in Pacem in Terris, we begin Part IV, treating the “relationship of people and political communities with the world community”

Let’s read:

130. Recent progress in science and technology has had a profound influence on (our) way of life. This progress is a spur to (people) all over the world to extend their collaboration and association with one another in these days when material resources, travel from one country to another, and technical information have so vastly increased. This has led to a phenomenal growth in relationships between individuals, families and intermediate associations belonging to the various nations, and between the public authorities of the various political communities. There is also a growing economic interdependence between States. National economies are gradually becoming so interdependent that a kind of world economy is being born from the simultaneous integration of the economies of individual States. And finally, each country’s social progress, order, security and peace are necessarily linked with the social progress, order, security and peace of every other country.

131. From this it is clear that no State can fittingly pursue its own interests in isolation from the rest, nor, under such circumstances, can it develop itself as it should. The prosperity and progress of any State is in part consequence, and in part cause, of the prosperity and progress of all other States.

If anything the bonds of the world economy have tightened around us in the last five decades. We’ve also seen the desire among the governing elites to implement similar measures in many disparate countries as part of a way to address the r/depression gripping the world today. The other commonality is that people across the world are pushing back. 21st century communication makes that more a reality that ever. Markets are linked across continents. Unrest in many nations for many reasons, also.

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