Peter’s Bank Account

Pope Francis preached it the other day:

Evangelical preaching flows from gratuitousness, from the wonder of the salvation that comes and that which I have freely received I must freely give. This is what they were like at the beginning. St. Peter did not have a bank account, and when he had to pay taxes, the Lord sent him to the sea to catch fish and find the money in the fish, to pay.

Peter may not have an account, but he does have “pence.” If the 2014 collection registers an uptick, how do we attribute? The Jesuit from Argentina found a whole bunch of coins in Atlantic fish on his way to Rome?

The German bishops want that fish money. And the courts back them up.

Christian Weisner, lay person, thinks the tack is all wrong:

I think the bishops should ask why are you leaving, and what can we do for you? But now they are sending that letter, that said you can’t be a godfather and godmother anymore, you can’t have a church wedding. And I think this is a threatening message to people.

So is it a tax dodge, or a simple protest? Jesus might tell them to go down to the Rhine and find something in a fish mouth. If I were the bishops, I’d be more concerned about turning the Church into a fossil fish.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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