Window On The World

new kitchen window

The new window is in. I picked up a lot more stuff at the hardware store than I needed for installation. Ah well. The booklet that came with the window said 12 to 30 cedar shims. The measurements and alignment were so close I only needed the six I already had on the shelf downstairs.

I used almost a whole tube of exterior sealant. That was mostly for under the window. After I finish up lunch, I have a very narrow crack in which to place the interior stuff. The trim should be back in place well before dinner tonight. I think it’s a good night for quesadillas. Maybe a fruit crisp.

I hope I’ll get some more puttering around time today. I moved my old stereo and turntable into the work room earlier this week. I got most of the winter junk cleaned up and trash taken out.

Home repairs used to be daunting to me. If you’re like me, the average home putterer, unless you are working full-time on a fixer-upper, you are almost 100% out-of-practice. Last month I replaced a drainage tube on the air conditioner/furnace. It took me about twenty minutes for something a pro would likely do in 20 seconds.

With this window, I was nervous about pulling the trim out of the wall. It was weird to have a wide open hole in the kitchen. The cat was nosing around. Gambit was watching me from the front door later. He brought a little piece of red string to the doorway. I guess he wanted to help. The young miss was watching Looney Tunes and couldn’t be bothered.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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