Pacem In Terris 147-148: Competence, Capacity and Experience

Today in Pacem in Terris, things continue on an evangelical bent, with the suggestion that the laity are in the front lines of bringing the perspective and mind of  Christ into human endeavors:

147. And yet, if they are to imbue civilization with right ideals and Christian principles, it is not enough for Our (daughters and) sons to be illumined by the heavenly light of faith and to be fired with enthusiasm for a cause; they must involve themselves in the work of these institutions, and strive to influence them effectively from within.

Espousing moral principles is not enough. Leading by example is needed.

Additionally, believers cannot neglect education and formation in the key professional areas of the modern world. We cannot cede competence to others:

148. But in a culture and civilization like our own, which is so remarkable for its scientific knowledge and its technical discoveries, clearly no one can insinuate himself into public life unless he be scientifically competent, technically capable, and skilled in the practice of his own profession.


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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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