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Pacem In Terris 151-152: Integration of Faith and Action

Pope John observes a certain de-Christianization fifty years ago. We should be clear that the divorce between Western culture and Christianity is not new, nor could we probably ever claim the West had totally bought in to the “Christian spirit.” … Continue reading

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Post 9000

A few announcements today. Consider it like the end of Mass. We’ll be giving the daily Worthy Women post a prime morning spot (that’s morning in the Americas) for the next two weeks. I’ll do a second post on Pacem … Continue reading

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War Is Over

John Lennon would be pleased. The cardinal Müller and the theologian Gutiérrez: it is enough they are friends, and engage a mutual respect, and that the days of watchdoggery in the CDF are over? The Latin American ecclesial and theological movement … Continue reading

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Pastors, Not Princes

A few Catholic outlets are picking up on the Pope Francis quote-of-the-week. Regarding candidates for bishops, edited into bullet points: Pastors who are close to the people, fathers and brothers; they are gentle, patient, and merciful; they love poverty, interior … Continue reading

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Two Weeks of Worthy Women: Jeanne Jugan

The worthy founder of the Little Sisters of the Poor may well have been permanently unknown had the schemes of a young priest come to full fruition. This is one of those rare turnabouts in which the priest was the … Continue reading

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Ecclesia de Eucharistia 18

Pope John Paul II implies that the Eucharist is a means to an end, and not itself the final result. The Eucharist points toward a “future glory.” 18. The acclamation of the assembly following the consecration appropriately ends by expressing … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 149-150: Apostolate of a Trained Laity

Picking up on 147-148, these two sections continue the case for what Pope John terms an “apostolate” in the workplace: 149. And yet even this must be reckoned insufficient to bring the relationships of daily life into conformity with a … Continue reading

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