Post 9000

A few announcements today. Consider it like the end of Mass.

We’ll be giving the daily Worthy Women post a prime morning spot (that’s morning in the Americas) for the next two weeks. I’ll do a second post on Pacem In Terris tonight and provide that series an American evening slot. The point is to give the 2WWW spots the top of the page on the site for a number of hours every day, especially the guest bloggers.

The Worthy Women may not all be defined by the opposition or jealousy of clergy this year. But we are trying to underscore the notion of freedom to follow God’s call. And sometimes the most vociferous critics of freedom come from a tradition that hasn’t always advocated the same for others.

The site’s 9000th post comes 54 weeks after the 8000th. That’s an average of not quite three a day. According to WordPress we’ve sustained about a 60-70 percent uptick this year over the same months of 2012. I’m thankful for those who make this a part of their daily or regular surfing.

We’ll have another post or two later tonight.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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