War Is Over

John Lennon would be pleased.

The cardinal Müller and the theologian Gutiérrez: it is enough they are friends, and engage a mutual respect, and that the days of watchdoggery in the CDF are over?

The Latin American ecclesial and theological movement known as “Liberation Theology”, which spread to other parts of the world after the Second Vatican Council, should in my opinion be included among the most important currents in 20th century Catholic theology.

Uttered by the now-CDF head a decade ago. Does the praise stick? Or is it wishful thinking?

Granted, particular proponents of liberation theology had problems. But so did any number of other notable figures on Catholic television and the internet, as well as bishops (even) who said one thing and did another when it came to morality.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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