Pacem In Terris 153: Integral Education

Pope John offers a familiar complaint:

153. We consider too that a further reason for this very frequent divorce between faith and practice in Christians is an inadequate education in Christian teaching and Christian morality. In many places the amount of energy devoted to the study of secular subjects is all too often out of pro portion to that devoted to the study of religion. Scientific training reaches a very high level, whereas religious training generally does not advance beyond the elementary stage. It is essential, therefore, that the instruction given to our young people be complete and continuous, and imparted in such a way that moral goodness and the cultivation of religious values may keep pace with scientific knowledge and continually advancing technical progress. Young people must also be taught how to carry out their own particular obligations in a truly fitting manner.(Cf. Mater et Magistra)

An “inadequate education”? “Teaching” and “morality” lacking? This gets pinned on the pre-conciliar Church.

In all seriousness, it takes more than education. A believer should be schooled in a moral apprenticeship. Not likely to get good results merely by imparting information. Moral formation is ongoing and lifelong.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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