Throwing the CDF Under The Bus

A lot of commentary throughout the blogosphere on the release of Milwaukee archdiocesan files on clergy sex abuse. I see Cardinal Dolan taking heat for payoffs and shuttling $57M into a cemetery fund.

These are matters for prudential and legal judgments.

And honestly, as long as the curia doesn’t green light ejecting predator clergy out of the priesthood, bishops don’t seem to have much else to rely on other than making requests, saying please, and continuing the health insurance payments.

Who really comes off as out-of-touch is the CDF. One month to approve an eight-figure funding switch. Years to listen to multiple bishops telling them to get perps out of the priesthood.

I can see why Archbishop Listecki was eager to release these files. At least he and his predecessor can, in public, preach and practice openness. And with Pope Benedict’s curia close to being out the door, it seems that a few bishops have found their voice. And if their voice shows up the CDF, maybe they’re counting on Pope Francis to get their backs. I think I could count on that.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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