Worthy Woman At Creighton

I didn’t mention the family’s day trip to Omaha last week. I had intended to blog about it. There were a few humorous bits to share.

My spiritual director and I have been discussing a possible continuing shift in ministry. Long story short: the pastor and another close priest friend are encouraging me to consider a Certificate in Spiritual Direction, if not another Master’s Degree.

My wife said I should’ve done this years ago. I don’t know about that.

I’ve been talking to people involved with Creighton University’s program. I felt the need to visit during the summer session–get a live sense of the campus and community. My wife was excited about that. (“Finally!”) So a day trip was in order. While I was explaining to her that the summer program is only four weeks and I could commute back to Ames (less than three hours) every weekend, she said not to bother. I would need my weekends for study time and the boss would surely let me off to do that. He has a second Masters’ Degree from another Jesuit institution, as it happens. She and the young miss could take care of themselves.

At that point our daughter chimed in something like, “Creighton. They take normal students too, don’t they?”


Thanks for that one, kid.

Yes, I told her. Creighton is well-regarded as an undergraduate university.

Getting in would not be a slam dunk for her, but she would have a shot. We set up a campus tour, too. In fact, we arranged my visit on a day they did a presentation to visiting students.

As I was walking up the central mall to find the graduate program offices, I happened across the worthy woman we met to lead off Two Weeks this year:

St Jeanne Jugan at Creighton

Very nice.

I stopped to say a prayer for the day.

The young miss seemed impressed on her third college visit. Our tour guide was a bit inexperienced, but she knew the campus quite well, and made up in enthusiasm and spirit for any shortcomings about an info piece here and there.

When I logged on the family pc the next morning, I found three Creighton sites popping up on “recently visited.”


She didn’t do that for the other colleges we looked at. Student activities. Financial aid. The large group presentation by staff and students was pretty slick. Someone in the family was paying close attention. I noted she nodded when our guide was talking about social justice, community involvement, and such.

“Dad, they have AMDG everywhere here. What’s that?”

“Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.”

“Latin, right?”



I told her. She nodded again. The Jesuit motto, I explained. Kind of like the LOL of the Stone Age, except more serious. Like the Jesuits.

When she grows up, how will she live her life as a worthy woman? Creighton might give her a big push in that direction.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Worthy Woman At Creighton

  1. Melody says:

    The picture of St. John’s church brings back memories. My older son and daughter-in-law were married there in 2009.

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