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How Do Arctic Muslims Survive Ramadan?

Good question. In a similar way, it seems, as Muslim astronauts do. Swedish Muslims north of the Arctic circle have a challenge–options, really, in addressing the observance of their holy month. Can they adopt the “time” of Mecca or Medina? … Continue reading

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Attending a Ceremony for a Same-Sex Union

I noticed a post at the Deacon’s Bench on the question of a Catholic deacon attending a same-sex wedding/ceremony. Greg goes into great detail on his reply. My own sense is that nearly any situation would be unique. The number … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei 8

With this post, we get into the meat of the encyclical letter. Chapter One (sections 8-22) will occupy our attention for the next two weeks, exploring the theme “We have believed in love.” Today through Monday, we will explore Abraham … Continue reading

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Words For Free

Persistent Catholic blogger Brandon Vogt offers a petition and an explanation for changing the licensing mechanism for Church documents. He has over 200 comments on his thread already. I┬áhaven’t checked the petition. I’ve been approached about signing a few petitions … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Matthew 6:14-15

The Sermon on the Mount covers three chapters in Matthew’s Gospel. There are some long narrative teachings, like the Beatitudes. And there are some that are abruptly short, like this one: Listen to what the Lord says to us: If … Continue reading

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Ecclesia de Eucharistia 40

Paul and Augustine on the Eucharist: 40. The Eucharist creates communion and fosters communion. Saint Paul wrote to the faithful of Corinth explaining how their divisions, reflected in their Eucharistic gatherings, contradicted what they were celebrating, the Lord’s Supper. The … Continue reading

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