How Do Arctic Muslims Survive Ramadan?

Good question. In a similar way, it seems, as Muslim astronauts do.

Swedish Muslims north of the Arctic circle have a challenge–options, really, in addressing the observance of their holy month.

Can they adopt the “time” of Mecca or Medina? Can they go with the nearest Muslim country? Imam Abdul Mannan of Finland, cites scholars who say that when daylight is eighteen hours or longer, other options come into play.

I wonder what will happen when Muslims are on the moon during Ramadan. Daylight there lasts two weeks. For strict observance, it will save on shipping from Earth, but at what cost? That Malaysian doctor counted his religious clock from the place of launch.

If human beings begin to hollow out asteroids or leave the vicinity of the sun entirely, I wonder what options imams will give then. Might make for an interesting science fiction story.

Image above: Kiruna, northernmost city in Sweden.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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