Salsa and Spices

spice blend and salsaThe young miss has been requesting salsa since Friday.

I have a favorite space blend I use as a rub for meat as well as for this corn chip dip: coriander, cumin, and paprika.

For salsa, I usually add a “surprise” ingredient, black olives. I find it gives the dip a little more richness.

I also confess I almost always use canned tomatoes for this. While I strive to use fresh ingredients as much as I can, I can’t deny the ease of popping three cans of the tomato+chile combo into the food processor. No need to strain out or ignore seeds. Add about twenty olives, a little cilantro, and lime juice. And it’s good to go. Sometimes I don’t add scallions. Like tonight when I was already in pajamas and didn’t want to bother with hitting up the neighborhood grocery store.

Once I tried their “special” generic brand of canned tomato, the one they “recommended” for salsa. It was way too sweet, as is practically every prefab salsa I see in stores. Even the young miss, known for piling sugar onto sweetened breakfast cereal, didn’t like it. I’ve also tried canned fire roasted tomatoes and added fresh jalapeño. That works really well, too.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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