Who came up with that silly term, “staycation,” anyway?

We had our third training/commissioning session for parishioners on the new sound system this afternoon. Chris from ECC was with us from Friday through the weekend to help get Masses going well. It’s great to have professionals who are church-experienced, and who understand what we’re trying to accomplish at liturgy. And Chris being a Catholic certainly assisted our process, cutting through the usual awkward stage when we’re trying to communicate we’re not a performance venue, but a participation locus.

Anyway, I finished up at the parish mid-afternoon. Officially I’m off from the parish for another 13 days. Some final set-up is needed on the system for funerals and weddings. (We have one of the latter coming up this weekend.) So I will be sneaking in to the building to get that set up with our pros. Risky, I know.

The week after this, I’ll be visiting the real world home of PrayTell for “Praying With Imagination.” I feel long overdue for retreat. I had planned to get away last Fall, but the church fire seemed to overwhelm so much of my time. It’s been a long, hard year of work, not just ministry. I was distracted during lectio earlier this evening and it was easy to tell that I haven’t quite left the building, if you catch my drift.

No big plans for traveling this week, alas. I’m still on the May checklist for home repairs and cleaning. Early mornings for weeding. Hot afternoons in the cool basement getting things cleaned up. A trip to the hardware store to get some molding to frame the kitchen window I replaced last month.

Expect more frequent blogging the coming week. I think. This weekend I’ll be handing over the keys to the vehicle. Fran (who blogs here and here) will give you some good original content. Maybe more than you get from me. I told her I might have one or both document series written up in advance so she could just drop them into place daily or whatever. Maybe I’ll get around to that.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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