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Conflicted on Abortion

Nate Silver turns his prowess at poll analysis to abortion. Go read his analysis and spectate the graphs. His conclusion: (B)e wary of analysts who try to take this complexity argument too far. It’s true that any snapshot of public … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei 13

Is unbelief really the temptation presented here? Is it not possible to believe, but to lack the actions–even withholding what we know to be the right actions–and succumb to the temptation? I found this section a bit difficult at first. … Continue reading

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Caution on the Purity Culture

Some months ago, a campus ministry colleague from another diocese was sharing with me a later life “insight” from a former student I found somewhat troubling. It came to mind when I was reading this Catherine Woodiwiss piece in Sojourners. The … Continue reading

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Ecclesia de Eucharistia 45

Intercommunion for individuals is not absolutely forbidden: 45. While it is never legitimate to concelebrate in the absence of full communion, the same is not true with respect to the administration of the Eucharist under special circumstances, to individual persons … Continue reading

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