Bound For Disappointment

Cardinal Walter Kasper weighs in on the punditry surrounding Pope Francis.

“Many will be disappointed in Francis,” he said, surmising that the so-called conservative branch already feels let down “because he doesn’t have the intellectual heft of Benedict and then because he abolished the pontifical court — something I am grateful for; it was an anachronistic extravagance.”

I think that branch is disappointed in more than a drop off in intellect. I think the bigger disappointment on the way is that this branch will wax crestfallen that progressives won’t go collectively sour on Pope Francis.

The cardinal predicted the so-called progressive wing would not be happy either because even though the pope has ushered in a change in style, “he will not change the content.”

I don’t know about all the others who flock with feathers like mine, but I think I will be happy enough. We have a pastor in the chair of Peter. That he’s a Jesuit means there’s enough between the ears.

More from Cardinal Kasper:

Some Vatican offices — including the Pontifical Councils for the Laity, for the Family, for Migrants and Travelers, and for Health Care Ministry — don’t have direct jurisdiction over anyone and so don’t have to be headed by an ordained priest or bishop, he said.

Aside from there being many “prepared and capable” female candidates, he said, having more women would also “be useful for overcoming clericalism, which, in the end, is a sterile zeal.”

Sterile zeal: that sums it, I would say.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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