Pass the Coin

The BBC picks up on the Diocese of Brooklyn’s efforts to reach out online. This see was the origin of that “original hipster” campaign if you recall.

What do you think? Just another fad? Or have our sister and brother Catholics anticipated and jumped in on the biggest communications upgrade since the printing press?

I like the idea of passing a GPS-imbedded coin around (see 0:20-0:54 on the video). Design-wise, I would have hoped for something less wordy. Something artistic.

But I do like the idea of producing something that’s anti-collectible. When the young miss went to NCYC a few years ago, she returned with a pack of bishop cards.

Hmmm. Those cards sank to the bottom of adolescent clutter like stones in a pond.

A better card idea was in my former parish where, for a few successive all-parish catechesis events, the faith formation people produced saint cards. They even limited the press run of one or two saints in an effort to get kids to collect them. Oh well. It was a fad. I’m sure the parish doesn’t print trading cards anymore. Others do.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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