More Gof8 Reform

What to call the band of “super-cardinals?” Gang of Eight? G8? What kind of symbol for my future posts on that? An octagon?

Go octagon

Anyway, this piece seemed to blow up any notion that Pope Francis is dilly-dallying on curial reform. A baseball player might spend an off-day fishing or resting. The Holy Father spent his off-day huddled with Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga getting important work done.

An instrumentum laboris is in the works:

We want the ideas to come from the bottom and bishops are enthusiastic and very eager to strengthen collegiality.

This quote is interesting:

The goal is to ensure the Pope is better informed so as not to repeat the Vatileaks scenario under Benedict XVI. Information needs to be given directly without any middlemen.

This problem predates Vatileaks. Pope John Paul II was getting filtered information all the time. The curia actively encouraged dissent in the Church so as to field selective information to promote pet positions for their own ideological benefit.

Pope Francis has a wise take on good counsel:

I like people telling me when they disagree with something. These kind of people are the truly loyal ones. Then there are those who say they agree but behind your back say the opposite. I haven’t met anyone like this yet.

Decision-making without dissent makes discernment difficult.

Cardinal Maradiaga on the Vatican Bank:

It would be a good idea to transform it into an ethical bank. All States have a right to an ethical bank, so why not the Vatican? (Before the conclave) we posed this question and they told us that the IOR was not a bank but a foundation. So why does it work like a bank?

Clearly, these guys are asking tough questions. I’m sure bishops will have their own input on this. I’m thinking of writing to Cardinal O’Malley. But I have some inner dissent on that point. Discernment ahead.

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2 Responses to More Gof8 Reform

  1. John McGrath says:

    The V8?

  2. Jim McCrea says:

    The naive notion that moral decisions are made in a void, as though one could reinvent the rules that countless generations have learned through experience, is the basis for too many educational practices. As Stanley Hauerwas and David Burrell have pointed out, one cannot speak of morality-as-decision-making while ignoring the fact that decisions are always made in the context of one’s “narrative.” Morality removed from narrative, from a sense of the shape and direction of one’s individual life and one’s community, is meaningless. From a review by Charles L. Glenn & Joshua Glenn of two books: Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong and Reclaiming Our Schools, First Things, August/September 1993.

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