Washing Wedded Feet

wedding footwashingMy pastor likes to steer couples away from the unity candle. Or sand. Or stuff like that after the exchange of vows and rings. I had never experienced washing feet at a wedding until I arrived at my current parish. I’ve seen it three, maybe four times, in the past two years.

One couple even had John 13:1-15 as the Gospel reading. Today’s couple opted for the house built on rock.

Today’s couple washed feet.

Here is the bowl I am told they plan to display in their home as one of the reminders of their wedding day. Purple towel was in sync with ties and bridesmaid dresses, too.

My wife and I resisted “extras” when we got married. Unity candle wasn’t even a consideration. But the gesture of service and sacrifice seems to fit much better the sacramental notion of marriage.

The pastor and I also like to have a congregational hymn after the wedding procession. It was a mixed Catholic-Protestant gathering today. But I heard a good bit of singing of “For the Beauty of the Earth” before the opening prayer. We sang all six verses. No hectoring, just a simple invitation.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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