Throwing Mud

Man, is Bishop Lynch going to get some flying watery dirt thrown his way for this post on his blog.

It began with a group called the “Population Research Institute” which is an allegedly pro-life group and spread to a few other notoriously and consistently wrong entities who “thrive” on attacking the Church or its entities. While it was meant to inflict harm on a highly respected US Catholic charity, it took dead aim this time at Africa. From time to time, I suspect when these organizations need money, they try to stir up a hornet’s nest or storm by attacking a Catholic organization, usually falsely accusing them of being anti-life, pro-contraception, either pro or soft on abortion, etc., etc., etc.

The storm originators never identify their sources but just throw mud up into the air.

My own sense is that part of the failure of the political pro-life movement is grace and holiness take a back seat to their own political addictions. Mark Shea finally saw the light a few years back, and started hammering away on people who would do anything to further an otherwise good political cause. But you still can’t lie, cheat, steal, or torture to achieve a good. You’ll just end up down the same rabbit hole as the people you dislike so. Or instead of them.

As for my quick takes on the news, the next time I hear a Catholic group getting smeared for being insufficiently rabid, I’ll just consider the source. And make darn sure my support goes nowhere near the mud puddles.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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