Redemptionis Sacramentum 12-13

With this post, we finish up the preamble of Redemptionis Sacramentum:

[12.] On the contrary, it is the right of all of Christ’s faithful that the Liturgy, and in particular the celebration of Holy Mass, should truly be as the Church wishes, according to her stipulations as prescribed in the liturgical books and in the other laws and norms. Likewise, the Catholic people have the right that the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass should be celebrated for them in an integral manner, according to the entire doctrine of the Church’s Magisterium. Finally, it is the Catholic community’s right that the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist should be carried out for it in such a manner that it truly stands out as a sacrament of unity, to the exclusion of all blemishes and actions that might engender divisions and factions in the Church.

Again, the phrasing of an admitted ideal as a “right.” I’m skeptical of the use of the term. Though I easily concede that it is the responsibility of Magisterium to provide for the Catholic community’s need for the sacraments.

The recent and obvious departure from this would be the significant translation debacles, mainly in English, but not exclusively of ICEL nations. Do these, as well as the continued pandering to schismatics, not draw out factions and divisions? Sadly, it seems we do not live in an age where we can progress without producing a blemish somewhere.

[13.] All of the norms and exhortations set forth in this Instruction are connected, albeit in various ways, with the mission of the Church, whose task it is to be vigilant concerning the correct and worthy celebration of so great a mystery. The last chapter of the present Instruction will treat of the varying degrees to which the individual norms are bound up with the supreme norm of all ecclesiastical law, namely concern for the salvation of souls.

 And with tomorrow, off we go into the meat of the document.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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