Premier League

The young miss loves soccer. We follow happenings foreign and domestic, including the British Premier League, which opens today.

I’m finishing up at the student leadership retreat, so over the lunch hour, my daughter and I have been texting back and forth. She follows Everton because her 2nd favorite US player, Tim Howard, keeps goal for them. She also likes Man U, presumably because they win a lot. I don’t like teams that win a lot. I root for the underdogs.

In the 70’s, my brother and I used to watch the old English First Division on tv Saturday around dinner time. My brother liked Nottingham Forest. That, I think, because it rung a bell with some book he read (or more likely heard about).

This year, I’m rooting for the two teams from Wales. Because Cardiff City FC was promoted from the lower league, Wales now has two teams in the Premier League for the first time.

Man U versus Swansea City has been on tv I guess. The texting, in part:

her: Mans!

me: Swans!

her: 3-0 Manchester United!

me: Waaaah :( Swans!

her: Haha!!

me: Bony scores! 3-1

her: :(

me: Not enough time for a comeback

her: 4 extra minutes

her: 4-1!!!!!!!!!!

her: Final

I would love to get to a Premier League match someday in England. Especially if I got to visit the young miss while she was studying abroad or something.

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