Mixed Attendants

I don’t know how often this happens these days. I never saw it ten years ago. But at today’s parish wedding, there was a guy “standing” with the four bridesmaids. He had a tan suit like the groomsmen, but a salmon tie and vest matching the attendants’ dresses, unlike the yellow ties and vests on the other side of the church.

Does that make sense? If my sister were to get married, it would more likely be to someone I didn’t know. If she wanted multiple attendants, it would seem to be more logical to stand on her side of the church, rather than with some dude I didn’t know.

Or maybe it calls into question the very nature of multiple witnesses for a wedding. My wife and I had a man and woman “stand up” with us. That was it.

Do you suppose some of the traditions associated with modern weddings are fading? Or maybe people have entered into a new phase of questioning tradition. I can think of a lot of wedding traditions that deserve scrutiny, questions, and possibly retirement.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Mixed Attendants

  1. Liam says:

    I have zero problem with mixed attendants, just not too many of them. Sex segregation dates from the many centuries when men and women – and especially unmarried folk – did not casually intermingle in society. (Hey, technically, men and women were supposed to be seated in separate sections of Catholic churches until 1983….)

    I am a fan of weddings where the wedding party wears its best festive clothing, rather than clothing that is entirely or almost entirely single-purpose.

    I am a fan of morning weddings followed by luncheons. Very old-fashioned. And it can be much less expensive.

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