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Divorced, Remarried, and Canon Lawyers

The Tablet reported on a W├╝rzburg, Germany poll in which divorced and┬áremarried Catholics, by a wide margin, think canonical practice on receiving Communion should change. I’m not a believer in making policy by polls. That said, what do you suppose … Continue reading

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Praying For The Dead

On the 2 Maccabees thread, my friend Dick Martin is hard at work trying to convince that praying for the dead is wrong. He’s done his research on Catholicism, and has a passel of quotes from Scripture. But his case … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 38

A brief section, but not a totally convincing one: [38.] The constant teaching of the Church on the nature of the Eucharist not only as a meal, but also and pre-eminently as a Sacrifice, is therefore rightly understood to be … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei 56

We’ve largely looked at faith in a positive perspective thus far. What of faith when it is tested? Two sections explore “Consolation and strength amid suffering.” Saint Paul’s second letter to Corinth is a classic text of a saint’s faith … Continue reading

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