Redemptionis Sacramentum 38

A brief section, but not a totally convincing one:

[38.] The constant teaching of the Church on the nature of the Eucharist not only as a meal, but also and pre-eminently as a Sacrifice, is therefore rightly understood to be one of the principal keys to the full participation of all the faithful in so great a Sacrament. [Cf. Ecclesia de Eucharistia 12-18; Dominicae Cenae 9] For when “stripped of its sacrificial meaning, the mystery is understood as if its meaning and importance were simply that of a fraternal banquet.[Cf. Ecclesia de Eucharistia 10]”

My sense is that “meal” doesn’t quite do justice to either the Eucharist or the people who promote a balance in how we look at the sacraments. It is undeniable that we believers need nourishment. Likewise that the traditional images of God feeding his people–both actually and metaphorically–are an essential part of our understanding of Christian faith.

I don’t think the CDWDS can get too fussy if it jealously limits the association of priesthood with holy orders, leaving the primary lay encounter with Christ to be one of nourishment and reception. The thought expressed in this section needs better balance.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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