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Will Non-Catholics Get the Ear of Pope Francis?

My musing about Pope Francis inviting non-Catholics to observe or even join the Cardinal Council was a throwaway thought in an earlier post today. Pope John XXIII of sainted (literally) memory invited Orthodox, Anglicans, and Protestants to Vatican II. So … Continue reading

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Paschal Candle Stand Upgrade

The paschal candle stand has needed an upgrade. We used to have a one-inch thick cylinder on which to mount the Easter Candle. It necessitated drilling into the bottom of the candle. The 2012 edition was cracked. And this year’s … Continue reading

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And Then There Will Be Nine?

Vatican Radio has a bit from Fr Federico Lombardi on the Octocards meeting tomorrow. Also on the docket, according to Rocco’s Twitter feed, is the naming of a cardinal to represent Eastern Christians. Makes sense to me. I wonder what … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 117-120

Sacred vessels capture our attention in these three sections that follow (RS 117-119). These are serious matters. Not as serious as the bread and wine, nor as the altar and furnishings, but worthy of attention and diligence: [117.] Sacred vessels … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Vestment Cleaning Schedule

Advent is not too far away. Are your purple/violet/blue vestments ready? How often are your vestments cleaned? We have a parishioner who volunteered to oversee the dry cleaning of chasubles and stoles. We have a rough schedule to follow. Obviously, … Continue reading

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A Day for Saints

Santo subito 27 April 2014, announced earlier this morning. It happens to be Divine Mercy Sunday. That seems to fit. John Allen: It’s not like Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II, will suddenly become a saint when the canonization ceremony occurs. … Continue reading

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GMD 80: Who Evangelizes?

Sections 80 through 88 treat the context of the three goals. We’ll take these next few posts carefully, especially as we look at the qualities the bishops expect from their people. For whom were these goals prepared? All Catholics in the … Continue reading

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Preaching on a Martyr’s Example

Deacon John Herman preached today’s Masses at the parish. He largely talked about his brother, our parish and diocese’s martyr, Ray Herman. I was reminded that a young man listened to Jesus and took it very, very seriously. He shifted … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 110-116

Chapter V looks at “Various Circumstances Relating to the Mass.” What can be said about them? They are varied, and largely pertain to the clergy: [110.] “Remembering always that in the mystery of the Eucharistic Sacrifice the work of redemption … Continue reading

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GMD 76-79: Using the Plan

The 1992 US bishops hoped Go and Make Disciples would do more than take up space on a parish bookshelf. “This document should generate discussion about action,” the bishops write in GMD 76. They talk about the need to “sharpen a parish’s … Continue reading

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Sixty Trillion Miles

One of the more glorious sights in the universe: a pillar of dust sixty trillion miles high. If one of NASA’s Voyagers was launched from the base, it would take almost 200,000 years to hit the top. I make the … Continue reading

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Octocards To Meet

It seems like ages ago Pope Francis announced his gang of 8. And now the Big Meeting is this coming week in Rome. John Allen previews it here, and Rocco “whispers” here. Mr Allen cites the meeting as a turning point, … Continue reading

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Punditry Entertainment Value

So the rumors are swirling again that Pope Francis will name Marini I to head CDWDS. Except for the entertainment value this appointment provides, I don’t care that much. One commenter: I don’t know what all this anguished grumbling is all … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 108-109

Chapter V of Redemptionis Sacramentum (108-128) reviews “Certain Other Matters Concerning the Eucharist.” These matters include vestments (121-128), vessels (117-120), and a variety of “circumstances” (110-116). In today’s post, we’ll just look at “The Place for the Celebration of Holy Mass.” If … Continue reading

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Of Self-Hatred

Maybe this is an old piece of vocabulary that doesn’t translate well: hatred of self. Peter Kwasniewski at NLM: Why were the character of the Lenten collects and postcommunions so radically altered away from the constant theme of detachment from the … Continue reading

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