In Scotland, a “Mockery” of Canon Law

Scotland’s Catholics, reeling from scandal at the top, now have another one brewing. Is this a hierarchy making a transparent attempt at punishing a priest who went public with serious accusations embarrassing to bishops?

Gerard McGee comes to the defense of his brother priest Patrick Lawson, who has named names of those who had abused and propositioned him, and now has been pink-slipped:

What they are doing is underhand, malicious and sinister. They hide behind … canon law and, by doing so, they abuse the same law and make a mockery of it.

A parishioner is unconvinced the upper hierarchy has any good motives whatsoever:

From the day Father Pat got ill he was given no support, yet they support an abuser priest. Father Moore was bought a house and is listed as a retired priest. He should have been defrocked.

Even if Fr Lawson has seriously erred in some way, he’s untouchable in this climate. Unless he were accused of abusing someone himself.

The bishops of Scotland probably have even less standing than Americans had in 2002. If any country needs a clean sweep at the top, it’s probably Scotland. The question is: can the Congregation of Bishops listen to a determined Scottish Catholic people and collaborate with their suggestions to give them a leadership they deserve.

As for Scotland’s bishops, predators, and other criminal accessories to crimes, I suggest an appeal to Norway, and the installation of a monastery for retired clergy here.

The scenery is beautiful:


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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6 Responses to In Scotland, a “Mockery” of Canon Law

  1. John McGrath says:

    Maybe the Catholics of Scotland should get together and elect a set of Provisional Bishops. Or ask the Scottish Episcopal church to set up a Roman Catholic ordinariate for clergy and people who want to get out from under the Scottish bishops but preserve their Roman Catholic rites and customs.

    • “Or ask the Scottish Episcopal church to set up a Roman Catholic ordinariate for clergy and people who want to get out from under the Scottish bishops but preserve their Roman Catholic rites and customs.”


  2. Liam says:

    Hey, maybe the Pope could revive the first diocese in the New World – Gardar, established 900 years ago (the early 1100s!).

    In Greenland. It’s warming up.

  3. You know, I heard once that in St. Francis’ day, the people of one Italian town were so disgusted with their bishops, the townspeople drove them out (think torches and pitchforks) and demanded new bishops.

    There’s an idea.

  4. cattolico says:

    Have you ever heard of St. Niccolo Politi? In 2008 a catholic couple, whom all the experts in Italy said could never have children, when to his shrine for his feast in August in Alcari Li Fusi, Italy, and took some water from his miraculous well, and made this promise: that if he should obtain from God a child for them, they would name the child after him….in 2009 they retuned on his feast day and bapstized little Niccolo in the same water!

  5. FrMichael says:

    From the newspaper article, quoting another priest:

    “They’re trying to get rid of him because he’s a whistle-blower. A lot of priests don’t like him because he spoke out. I don’t understand why some priests are more intent on protecting the criminal rather than the victim.”

    The concept of the Lavender Mafia must be new to Scotland but this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

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