GMD 23: Two Directions, Three Objectives

Sections 23 through 27 in Go and Make Disciples address “Other Implications.” The first of these analyze the where, or if you will, the who of evangelization.

One way to look at the direction question is simply: evangelization is about “us” and “them.”

Evangelization firstly means a commitment inward. Are believers experiencing ongoing renewal, continuing conversion? Are the Church’s efforts in education/catechesis/liturgical preaching/faith formation (whatever we call it, however we do it) directed at forming people who go deeper and who are willing to buy into the mission as disciples?

The bishops cite Pope John  Paul II’s Redemptoris Missio 33 to address three objectives of evangelization:

  • to proclaim the Gospel to all people
  • to help bring about the reconversion of those who have received the Gospel but live it only nominally
  • to deepen the Gospel in the lives of believers

The first objective has traditionally been associated with the missionary apostolate. The second we know today as the “new evangelization.” The third is what recently has been termed “continual conversion,” a thrust of adult faith formation in this country for the past two generations.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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