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On My Bookshelf: The Fractal Prince

Hannu Rajaniemi’s second novel, The Fractal Prince, was an enjoyable a read as his first novel, which I finished up last month. Like that first book, the author disdains giving you those helpings of information that assist you in knowing … Continue reading

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Nods and Cohabitation

I see Mark Silk is getting some guff for his headline on Pope Francis and cohabitation. One commenter frets about the ambiguity and uncertainty. Welcome to faith, I suppose I can say. A “nod” may be a simple acknowledgement of … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 83-86

RS 83 presents an ideal, but often people fall short. It would be marvelous if people approached the Eucharist well prepared and primed to receive God’s grace. But the reality is that this is not so for many clergy as … Continue reading

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GMD 34-37: How Evangelization Happens in the Life of the Church

Sections 34 through 44 in Go and Make Disciples address the question: How Evangelization Happens? Let’s look at a few sections today. GMD 34 reminds us of the role of the Holy Spirit. It is through the grace of the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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