Praying With Mantises

The young miss reported her high school in lockdown around lunch time today. Fortunately, this was a precaution as no intruder made it into the school, and people were all safe inside.

The bad thing, of course, is that weapons-bearing intruders (and, alas, students) are not really extraordinary news. Except when tragedy strikes one’s own community.

The good thing is that I was kept well-informed by text messages all during the situation. Nobody went to lunch so the teacher passed out vanilla cookies while they watched The Lorax. She was in her Environmental Science class, so I said I would be joining the mantises in praying for them all.

The other bad thing is the narcissism in the politics of the whole discussion on gun violence. Arms dealers have convinced the world from Syria to our survivalist neighbors that guns are always and everywhere a good thing.

Speaking for myself, I was taught to shoot a rifle when I was a lad. I know enough to respect such weapons, though I never felt inclined to own a gun. My loved ones would be five or six times as likely to die as an intruder would. But that’s no reason to conduct the economics of firearms with any degree of sanity. I hear, of course, the fear from many of my brother and sister citizens who are afraid of a government takeover or such. Believe me: the local police almost anywhere will subdue a suspect by any reasonable means no matter how many guns the individual might own. And maybe unreasonable.

Politicians have effectively muzzled their police and seem vaguely disinterested in conducting a national debate.

But I have my cell phone: a more powerful tool in quest for peace of mind. At least it was today.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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