GMD 42-44: Non-Catholics

Concluding the chapter on “How Evangelization Happens,” Go and Make Disciples addresses in turn non-Catholics Christians (42), Jews (43), and non-Christian religions (44).

If part of evangelization is ongoing renewal, then it would follow that “dialogue and cooperation” (GMD 42) is an appropriate mechanism for bridging divides and for the sharing of experiences in Christ. The bishops also caution against “ignor(ing) all that still divides us.” Such divisions are a reminder not to gloss over differences, and also a spur for us Catholics to do our part, namely to pray, share, and learn.

GMD 43’s reminder:

Those who have not received the Gospel deserve honor and respect for following God as their consciences direct them. They are related to the People of God in a variety of ways.

Sisters and brothers of Judaism are foremost among these because of our close relationship in worshipping the same God.

Interreligious dialogue is an opportunity both to learn about others as well as share our own faith (GMD 44). A caution:

Such dialogue, however, must never be a camouflage for proselytizing. Rather, it should be approached with utmost respect and sensitivity.

The bishops wrap up the chapter on the “How” of evangelization with a brief message of hope, and a reminder that while a universal unity is to happen in God’s time, the mission of believers and disciples is also to share faith and to pray for that “good day.”

Catholics earnestly share their faith in Jesus Christ, which gives meaning to their lives, praying for that good day, known to God alone, when all peoples will address the Lord in a single voice and serve God with one accord. (Zephaniah 3:9; Isaiah 66:23; Psalm 65:4; Romans 11:11-32.)

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