Pulling the Plug on Religion Field Trips

I thought the fallout described in this story was entirely predictable. Do you think complaining parents are ready to have Muslim and Hindu prayers take a turn at school functions?

As is often the case, young people seem to have more of a bead on balance. Kelly Fussman, 2012 graduate:

The world studies class was really the one and only class that allowed for such an open dialogue of faith and religion. To be able to experience what we were talking about firsthand -– you can’t get that through class discussion and a textbook.

And probably not through school-site prayer, either.

It does reinforce a pervasive magicalism among many Christians. The Father Z brand of Catholic orthodoxy: just do what the higher-ups tell you and it will be all right. The notion that just by rubbing shoulders with non-Christians, some voodoo thing might rub off. Clearly, the notion of free will isn’t very strong among some people. Nor the belief in the strength of Christ and grace taking root in one’s mind, heart, and will.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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