GMD 76-79: Using the Plan

The 1992 US bishops hoped Go and Make Disciples would do more than take up space on a parish bookshelf. “This document should generate discussion about action,” the bishops write in GMD 76. They talk about the need to “sharpen a parish’s mission and to develop concrete, suitable evangelizing activities.” (GMD 77)

The bishops suggest groups work together on evangelization:

  • Parish councils and parish evangelization teams
  • People who work in unchurched or marginalized areas
  • Youth groups (consider) how to reach peers in convincing ways.
  • On college campuses, students and campus ministers
  • Catholics (in the) workplace

Individuals have a role to play (Cf. GMD 78) but even with the scope of this document, the bishops concede it is only a start:

Our presentation can only suggest the richness of this ministry. In fact, at the end of this plan we explicitly invite additional responses to the objectives we are setting forth. We look for innovative responses, far exceeding the suggested strategies we offer in this plan. The ministry of evangelization does not consist in following a recipe but in letting the Spirit open our hearts to God’s Word so that we can live and proclaim God’s Word to others. So let the Spirit work!

This is correct. I am curious about the response invited by the bishops. I wonder how much input they received, and how much has been shared within the US.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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