Paschal Candle Stand Upgrade

paschal candle stand

The paschal candle stand has needed an upgrade. We used to have a one-inch thick cylinder on which to mount the Easter Candle. It necessitated drilling into the bottom of the candle. The 2012 edition was cracked. And this year’s wasn’t faring much better.

paschal candle 2013 more detailHere is a closer image of the new collar, plus a widened “bowl,” which I think is a slight improvement speaking proportionally.

The main challenge is for godparents lighting baptismal candles. Taking the candle out of the stand might mean liquid wax spilling on good clothes. The new collar is a tight fit.

But it sure beats putting spent matches under the candle to make sure it hews to the vertical.

Jim Russell did a fabulous job with integrating new elements seamlessly (well, actually, 4 rivets) to the existing design. Working with excellent artists is one of my favorite aspects of being a liturgist.


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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Paschal Candle Stand Upgrade

  1. Liam says:

    What’s the material? Wrought iron, I assume, for the weightiness (Paschal candle stands must be heavy to avoid easy tipping.)

  2. Great !!! This is so phenomenal!!!That is very impressive! Candle Stands are gorgeous and the makeover is totally amazing. I love it. You really did a super job with Candle Stand! I use to do buy online Candle Stand as its time saving.

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