German MR3 Tabled

PrayTell reports that German-speaking bishops (3 nations) have tabled their new Mass translation. The funeral rites were pulled after just six weeks of use not too long ago.

With tectonic plates shifting under the Tiber, I’d say future movement along the fault of Liturgiam Authenticam seems to be in peril.

Not that the US bishops seemed particularly excited about making waves in the curia, but I suspect that the remnant bishops from 1998 might not like to see their work deep-sixed in the future. And more importantly, we’re likely to get like-minded bishops who will take proper responsibility in the future.

The English MR3 continues to be a very mixed blessing at best. As a transliteration of Latin II students, it serves. Most of its benefits were included in MR2, so the retrenchment can’t really rest on those laurels.

Parish priests are still getting the shaft on collects that veer from poor English to skirting outright heresy. I’m resigned to its use, mainly because I think MR4 will be better than all three of its predecessors. I’ll be off in happy retirement by then, but that’s okay.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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